Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Masonic Lodge - New Ipswich, NH

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Good Morning,

We enjoyed perfect weather for the three day Fourth of July weekend. Among the glass negatives I processed for the Historical Society was one of the Masonic Lodge on Turnpike Road (located across the street from the gas station). Freemasons played a significant role in the founding of our country, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others were Freemasons.

The New Ipswich Lodge is still active, an informational open house was held in March of 2016 to explain the mysteries of the fraternity..

Washington Masonic print
Print of "Washington As Master Mason." Description per seller, "shows U. S. President George Washington presiding over a meeting of the Lodge of the Alexandria, Virginia Masonic Lodge. This meeting prepared the lodge to lay the cornerstone for the United States Capitol on September 18, 1793. "President Washington wears the full regalia of his Master Mason degree including the famous Masonic apron made for him by Marchioness de Lafayette, the wife of Marquis de Lafayette, also a Mason. The apron, one of two given by the Marchioness, still exists. President Washington holds a gavel in his right hand. He stands before a stand holding an open Bible with a square and compass on it." - 1870

Masonic Lodge New Ipswich (Glass Negative)
Masonic Lodge - July 3, 2016 (Look at all those trees)