Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Campers

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Happy Labor Day, as a tribute to the unofficial end of summer, I have gathered some photos of summer camping.

My Aunt Adeline strikes a pose for the camera. The Poltrack women attended some type of summer camp in the 1930s,
I believe this is my Aunt Helen at the same camp. Thie physical photo was captioned "Ah Shucks". Why is she holding a banana and a copy of "Black Jack"?

Emily at Nickerson State Park (area 6 of course). A wonderful camp ground on Cape Cod. We always manged to have at least one torrential downpour during the week.

Ginny cooks up some bacon and eggs which for some reason taste better when you are outdoors.

Camping on Dillon Beach in California. We simply set up a tent and moved in for the night.

At Nickerson, Jesse would arrive just as the bacon was cooked.

Check out the hair and denim, what was I thinking?I think I still have that shirt.

My Aunt Marjorie camping in Truro on Cape Cod. This is one of my favorite photos of her.

My sister Susan opts for a breakfsfast of gruel, whereas I prefer bacon and eggs

I was with this crew when we climbed the Tuckerman Ravine Trail in the White Mountsins. When it got dark we just camped off the trail, something which was probably prohibited. In my camping experiences I have been rousted by the police, something which is disruptive to a restful sleep. We were lucky in the white mountains, no one bothered us but when it was light we noticed it was full of trash, more of a dump than a campsite.