Saturday, February 11, 2017

Squirrel Resistant Feeder (Green Center Special)

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I've spent decades trying to keep squirrels off my bird feeders with little success. I've a had a variety of squirrel-proof feeders with little success including the one that would spin them around. That one would go haywire and spin wildly at random times. One of my feeders had a cantilevered perch and when I opened the top to add more seed a chipmunk jumped out. Eventually a bear ate it. I wired up my feeders to a fence charger which was successful until the squirrels started wearing little rubber boots.

I found this birdfeeder at the Green Center recycle center in New Ipswich and I can honestly say that that it highly effective. I don't believe any feeder can be 100% squirrel proof, but this one is great. I'm not sure if it will accommodate multiple heavier birds. It is well worth the zero cost.

I'll keep trying until I succeed

Maybe I can remove the top