Friday, January 27, 2017

Mrs.Tabraham's Home

Isn't this a great wrap-around porch? The residence of Mrs.Tabraham from the collection of plate glass negatives. Blog reader Jane Askew Elwell added some additional information about the property:

Jane Askew Elwell That's my house! Built in 1830 but that porch was added in 1906. Sometime in the 50s it was removed again. Now it's back to its Greek Revival look on the corner of River Rd/Currier Rd. Mary Jane Marshall grew up opposite the house by the mill that isn't there now. Her father ran the mechanical part of the mill. She married Robert Tabraham, a Boston stock broker and 20 years her junior and they bought this house. He suddenly died in his very early 30s and she lived there for many years holding garden parties and teas.

Mrs.Tabraham's Home
In June of 2011 I was asked to take some photos of this home by Lisa Marie Petrie.
Lisa is a friend of Joe Biden and hosted a house party for him in New Ipswich when he was running for President in 2008. There was a chance that in 2011 that Vice President Biden might make a campaign stop in New Ipswich and Lisa wanted the photos to send to the Secret Service. I readily agreed but sadly the visit never happened.

June 2011 

View of the home from the back

Beautiful June day

The screen house

Living room

Lisa is a big fan of Marilyn Monroe as evidenced in the decor

No clutter

More historic photos available on the New Ipswich Historical Society website 
Also on their Facebook page