Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Geotagging Photos

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Mobile phones and some digital cameras automatically add timestamps and geographic coordinates to photographs which a great tool for organization.

That is not the case when dealing with analog photography.  It is amazing how quickly one forgets where and when a photos was taken. The problem becomes even more difficult when working with century old glass negatives. However once they are digitized I am able to add geographic data to the image files. I use Google Maps to find that data.

Some places are easy to locate on Google Maps
I find the location on Google Maps, add a pin and the coordinates are displayed in the URL at the top of the screen.I copy those into the file to geotag the photo (42°45'12" N 71°51'28" W).

In Lightroom or other photo software, manually add coordinates from Google to the metadata field (on right in GPS field)
Once a photo has GPS data, it can be displayed in applications such as Google Photos, 500px, flickr and more.

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