Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2008 Ice Storm

On December 12, 2008 we learned just how destructive an ice storm could be. By nightfall when we lost power, the only sound we could hear was trees cracking and crashing to the ground. It was quite a time. Here is a look back at the aftermath of that evening.

Trees encased in ice

We were without power for 12 days

My commercial mower fell victim to a pine tree

The morning after view

I lost a favorite Dolgo Apple tree

My neighbor Bob Kincaid had about $1000 in damage to his truck

His screenhouse took a hit

Thick Ice

Angelika and John had a generator and we prepared several meals taken from our refrigerator as it thawed out

The generator was convenient for them, this was the scene on their street

However the phone still worked, thanks Fairpoint


A common sight that December

Pretty over at Tophet Swamp when the sun came out