Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Nor'easter - 2011

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A photo was posted on the Facebook page Life in New Ipswich that reminded me that five years ago we got a trick and not a treat for Halloween. A Halloween Nor'easter dumped 16 inches of snow on New Ipswich, Since the trees still had foliage and the ground was still unfrozen, a lot of trees uprooted and we had extensive power outages. We haven't had a repeat since. Here is a look back.

The snow started October 27, 2011. Notice that the leaves were still on the trees. The snow continued and continued

It was beautiful after it stopped. This is Smitthville Reservoir.

After the snow, we did get some warm days, however in October we knew it wouldn't last.

I had stored a generator at my Mom's house in New Boston. I drove it back in the height of the storm. It was a disaster of poor planning and last ditch efforts.

We got a lot of snow. I had 15 inches but other folks had more.

As far as I'm concerned it can start snowing some time in January.