Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Horror of Party Beach shops at K's Market

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Good Morning,

When we lived in Stamford, Connecticut we used to shop for Polish Kielbasa at K's Market on High Ridge Road. K's market specialized in Polish food items. It was a small building only 1100 square feet in size, surrounded by houses, nothing like the mega-markets with acres of parking spaces.

Ten years ago while  visiting Stamford, I made a quick stop to see if the market still existed. I was pleased to find that it not only survived under new management but now Fusaro's Deli and Market is one of Stamford's longest-running specialty grocery stores.The Kielbasa has been replaced with Spaghetti and biscotti.

Fusaro's Market - July 06, 2006

However in 1964 when the store was known as K's market it was featured in the cult classic The Horror of Party Beach. This is a family favorite for us because it was entirely filmed in Stamford and both my uncles are featured in the film.

In this scene my Unlcle Henry (without jacket) plays the researcher who "ran all the standard tests" and speculates that the gruesome murder at Party Beach might have been caused by "a wild shark or something". I assume he meant that a domestic shark posed no danger. My Uncle Ed is to the right, he played a detective in the film.
The monster was something to behold. Illegal dumping of leaking barrels of radioactive waste mutated the dead bodies of pirates in Long Island Sound into what the film described as Atomic Zombies. The special effects were spectacular. It was filmed in an aquarium with a goldfish, stop motion, and a pirate chest bubbler.

Naturally the Atomic Zombies were interested in young women such as these two who were visiting K's Market.

Little did thesy suspect what terror was crouched beneath a sign for Polish Ham.
Eventually science triumphed when it was learned that the monsters could be vaporized with sodium. This was logical because in spite of their sausage teeth they were mostly sea water.