Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Bridge over the Souhegan West Branch

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In 2010 the Smithville bridge located at the end of Goen Road was replaced. A rusted culvert was removed and the bridge was rebuilt with large preformed concrete tunnels. The bridge that predated that was constructed of wood. I discovered a photo that showed something else quite interesting.

Location - 42°44'12.1"N+71°52'14.2"W

Bridge over the Souhegan West Branch
Photo taken June 1, 2011 
Same location undated photo
At that time the house on the right had a full porch. There is an extra building on the left side that might have been a fire station.

A blend of new and old

Protect your historic home with a paint that lasts!
What could possibly go wrong?

The National Geographic Magazine - October 1926