Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Olympus TG3 features - Remote Control and Focus Stacking

I wasn't sure about cameras with built in WiFi. I thought it was just gimmick to upload photos to Facebook. However I was quite mistaken about what can be done with the technology.

I wanted to find a way to take shots of the birds at the feeder and the remote control feature of the TG-3 is pretty cool. I couldn't get it to work with iPhone, but this HP Slate 10 (Android) works great. You can compose and control the camera using the tablet. I couldn't resist taking the photo of the screen to get the infinite view.

The responsive time is fairly fast and I expect to have some fun with this feature.

In-camera focus stacking is another cool feature. It is available Settings Menu 3  as Focus BKT Settings. The number of shots can be set at 10f, 20f or 30f and the lens can be set at narrow, normal and wide. Since this camera has an excellent macro capability, I expect to use this quite a bit.

I have included some sample photos.

Looking into the mirrors

It is possible to do focus stacking in camera with the TG-3
Although it is possible to do this with Photoshop or dedicated software, it was really convenient to do this via a menu .
This shot is focus stacked, note the cartridges in the distance.

Same shot no focus stacking

Focus stacking (10 exposures)

No focus stacking

stacking 10 exposures (can be set up to 30)

No stacking

There are a few more features in the camera that are really useful. They have a focus lock for the macro mode, two choices for metering and a really cool "story board" filter. It also has an intervalometer, a feature that was hidden in some the later PEN camera. I tried a time-lapse which works nicely but the video was quite boring.

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