Sunday, September 14, 2014

Historic New Ipswich On Flickr

I have created a Flickr Group called Historic New Ipswich
I intend to upload as many historical photos as I can. However I'm hoping to get some local folks to contribute some photos and other media. They have been uploaded photos to Facebook but Facebook is a flawed way to share photo. I discuss this in nauseating detail in a post in the group.

Anyone can view the photos but only "members" can add content. Flickr is owned by Yahoo and recently they are requiring folks to sign in with a Yahoo email account. What a bonehead move, they obviously did not learn from Google+. Flickr has warts but it is real photo site. Facebook is ..... Facebook..

Still it is not bad having a Yahoo email. You can use it to capture spam, adopt an alter ego, open an account for your cat.

Sign up and let me know your username so I can send you an invite.

Barrett House getting a new paint job

These are the photos I had on hand to upload to the group. Hover over the right side of the photo to see the entire group or click on photo to see a larger version.

Speaking of cats

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