Saturday, December 21, 2013

Google Auto-awesome

You cannot fault Google for not being innovative, from self driving cars to photos of your street. I like to use them for sharing photos, both privately and publicly. Of course I realize nothing is really "private" but I'm willing to make that bargain for the infrastructure they provide.

Recently they have introduced a fun feature that looks for similar photos creates an animated GIF. It might be sparkles around a bright spot, or simulated snow around Santa. I tried to take advantage of this by creating a series of similar Kaleidoscopes. These are my results.
This form was created by incremental rotation of the base image, which yields the twisting effect of the segments

For this effect I did incremental scales of the base image (which is the same as the first)

My first effort is a little jumpy, but it gave me an idea what could be done with this