Saturday, December 28, 2013

Daily Analog Photo - China 1985

I believe this 1985 photo was taken in Wuhan China. I would  wager that whatever this laborer is carrying is very heavy.
It was not uncommon to see propane tanks, large bags of coal and other items being either carried by hand or transported via bicycle

At the time I was using a  used Nikon camera which I had purchased in Hong Kong. I mistakenly left the light meter powered on and the battery drained. I had no idea where the battery was located and remember asking everyone where it might be located (mostly through gestures).

Using this camera was probably not the best idea since it attracted  undue attention, not exactly a good tool to capture candid photos. With no light meter, I guessed at exposure settings.

Later at home in the USA, I discovered that you need to remove the lens and flip open a an access panel  to access the battery. Great design.