Monday, November 18, 2013

Daily Analog Photo - Wide Open Spaces

This is one of my favorite "wide open spaces" photos. Because I am scanning some of these for the second time with different equipment, I decided to include the original scan. I wish I had taken some notes about where this photo was taken. I can only verify that it was taken in 1972. I finished my Navy service in 1972 in California and traveled East back to Connecticut, traveling through most of the Northern States, clicking away along the trip.

In an idea world I would scan all my photos at the maximum resolution and save them in TIFF uncompressed  format. However file size has become an issue as I move up to the physical limit size of this hard drive. The second photo is over 7 times bigger than the first and has slightly smaller dimensions.

Compression means a loss of data usually seen as a softness of details. Still these files demonstrate how a flatbed scanner can match the quality of a dedicated slide only scanner.

And for me the chance to think that I was at this spot in 1972.

My most recent scan with the Epson scanner using ICE
This file was scanned to a JPEG file to save a bit on storage space at the expense of using compression
This file is 616 KB in size although rendered smaller for this blog

The original scan of the slide with a dedicated slide scanner
A Pustek OpticFilm 7500i
I didn't use ICE and in a larger view the dust is clearly visible. This slide was rendered as a lossless TIFF.
The TIFF file is 7.06 MB, more than 7 times the JPEG file

These transparencies were scanned using a Epson Perfection V500 photo scanner
Resolution set to 400 DPI
Target Size 4 x 6 Inches (2399 X 1599 Pixels)
JPEG Compression at 15% (High Quality)
DIGITAL ICE Technology