Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Daily Photo Theme - #CATURDAY

Meow Happy Caturday
I have an Olympus  70-300mm telephoto lens which gets little use. It's heavy, has problems with focus and isn't fast enough for sporting events. It was designed for the E-series camera bodies, but as an experiment I tried it with a micro-4/3 E-PL5 mirrorless body using a 4/3 to u4/3 adapter.

The lens weighs in at over one pound and dwarfs the camera body. It looks ridiculous but it works. Paris was looking through a window when I snapped this shot. The muted colors are an artifact of the sun shining on the glass. This shot was taken a 1/800sec at f5.6 (ISO 320). The lens was fully extended to 300mm.