Saturday, September 7, 2013

Daily Photo Themes for Saturday

A collection of the themes for this Saturday

Bench Saturday, Caturday, Shroomshot Saturday, Social Saturday, Unsharp Saturday

One of the most popular themes on G+ is #Caturday.
Paris hanging out in my office. She disappeared completely yesterday in a successful attempt to avoid
going to the vet.

Rustic bench spotted at the Peterborough Farmer's Market. Not very comfortable!
Photo theme #BenchSaturday

Three toadstools for #ShroomshotSaturday. Just coming into our Fungus season.

One theme I have yet to explore is #SocialSaturday which is described on their G+ page.
Quoting it below for the non- G+ crowd.

The Philosophy
Social awareness is our ability to accurately pick up on emotions in other people and understand what is really going on. Empathy and understanding are most fundamental in it: thinking about the other persons' needs, feelings and perceptions before our own point of view. But researches tell us we're not very good at this any more. Furthermore, too many people want everyone else to conform to their particular ways without understanding others and without acknowledging others' concerns and issues. Social issues are issues which relate to people's personal lives and interactions. Being socially aware helps people take others' situation and needs into account as much as possible. It allows us to adopt some internal stuff to lead to stronger connections in our relations with others. As we improve social awareness we also improve our experience of life. Photography  as a phenomenal art form allowing us to share our experiences, thoughts and emotions with others can be used to help inspire for more social awareness as we can record moments and document scenes of social issues that helps us feel a connection with other human beings in meaningful ways which might not have been possible otherwise. By participating in +Social Saturday Photography Theme Page, you'll have the opportunity to explore socially impressive works of great photographers on your stream. It will make a difference and we will grow both as people as well as photographers.

Part of the antique technology that will be on display at the NEW Appleton Academy museum.
I chose this shot for #UnsharpSaturday .