Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daily Photo Theme - Tree Tuesday

There is a tree located off of Witt Road in Jaffrey that I find as an interesting photo subject. I have visited it in all the seasons and times of day. I also gave it a variety of "treatments".

Here are a few for Tree Tuesday.

The tree with no embellishments. It has a great form and having Mount Monadnock in the shot is another big plus.
Jun 22, 2012

After converting a camera to IR, it was inevitable that I would visit this tree on a July day with plenty of clouds
July 7, 2013

Tonemapped HDR shot - Jan 1, 2012

Redfield Fractalius plugin for Photoshop
Jan 25, 2012

HDR processed shot (3 exposures including the first image on this posting)
Jun 22, 2012