Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daily Photo Theme - Leaves on Thursday

It's another steamy morning in the tropics of New Hampshire and a perfect day to share photos with the photo theme Leaves on Thursday

Strawberries at Colls Farm in Jaffrey NH
I liked their growing arrangement of nested hydroponic growing containers. I chose this as a subject because it is mostly red and green.

Spotted these wild plants growing in a wet area near the stone bridge outside of Keene, NH.I liked the deep ridges in the leaves.

Arbor at the Yankee Siege Farm stand in Greenfield NH
I recommend a trip to see the world famous Yankee Siege  (even though it is retired).

Ornamental Kale, along with pumpkins is a fall staple at farm stands.

My daughter has a gift for finding 4 leaf clovers in our yard

Ivy in New Ipswich. I liked this better in black and white 
Frosted blackberry leaves

A whorl of leaves

Ginkgo biloba  a "living fossil". This plant was growing in my backyard, but I've lost track of it in the weeds. I need to seek it out when the mosquitoes abate a bit.

Empress Hotel in Victoria BC not too shabby as a place to stay

Original artwork by my friends daughter on wax paper