Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Photo Theme - #TuesDecay

New Ipswich residents may recognize this photo. It was featured in the town report. I can't resist an abandoned vehicle in a field. I've titled this "End of the Road"

#TuesDecay is a photo theme for abandoned architecture, infrastructure and man-made things. It is a very popular photo theme. An abandoned factory, school or amusement park is a natural magnet for Urban Exploration

I suppose the ultimate find would be an abandoned insane asylum or the abandoned infrastructure of Chernobyl. Urban exploration has inherent dangers, trespassing is not legal and the buildings have unknown dangers, asbestos, radiation, surly squatters etc. Some abandoned buildings have become tourist destinations, such as Alcatraz

I keep my eye open for photo subjects of urban decay. Here are a few
Scanned  Transparency - Unknown Location

Prince Edward Island (Scanned Transparency)

Alcatraz in 1971. Occupied by the Indians. This was before it was open for tours.
This shot was taken from a cruise boat.

Seaworthy? My cousin has this boat in his yard. I like the colors.