Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Infrared Landscape - Part 1

Track 11 of the Moody Blues classic album is a poem called "The Word"

"This garden universe vibrates complete.
Some we get a sound so sweet.
Vibrations reach on up to become light,
And then thru gamma, out of sight.
Between the eyes and ears there lay,
The sounds of colour and the light of a sigh.
And to hear the sun, what a thing to believe.
But it’s all around if we could but perceive.
To know ultra-violet, infra-red and x-rays,
Beauty to find in so many ways.
Two notes of the chord, that’s our fluoroscope.
But to reach the chord is our lifes hope.
And to name the chord is important to some.
So they give a word, and the word is Om."

I had sent my former camera, an Olympus E-PL1 to Life Pixel, a service that specializes in the conversion of digital cameras for infrared photography. This involves removal of the existing sensor filter that blocks IR light and replacing it with one of several filters that pass IR light of various wavelengths.

The site has extensive documentation about the process and everything about Infrared photography.
I couldn't wait to try out the camera, so I took some shots on my usual morning walk.

Damsite 35 - New Ipswich NH

Smithville Cemetery - Tint changed in Lightroom
Rosa Rugosa
The leaves and flower all appear white. I decided to apply a Pixel Bender filter over the flower just for fun

Trees are great for IR, Smithville Cemetery

Taylor Road, looks like winter without the cold doesn't it?
I go back a bit with infrared photography, A photo of my wife taken with Kodak Aero Film from the 1970s