Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lightroom 5 - Upright Tool

I'm a big fan of Adobe Lightroom, and didn't hesitate to upgrade to version 5 for $79. It runs quicker and has some new features that are really useful.

One killer feature is the upright tool which is useful for adjusting perspective views of buildings and architecture.I decided to give it a try on a photo of a clothing store in Port Angeles, WA. We had missed a ferry ride and were queued up for a several hour wait. When another fellow tried to engage me in a conversation about his golf game, I realized that wandering around the town taking photos would be a good way to spend a few hours.

It was a productive photo-walk. There was a massive logging operation with monster machines, street side art and a style of architecture typical of the Pacific Northwest. One of my shots was a yellow clothing store. 

Lens Correction section in develop mode

Before Correction
After  Upright Auto Correction

There is a great training video available at the Adobe Site that explains all the features and variations for this tool.

The video is narrated by Julianne Kost, the "Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist" of Adobe. That has to be the coolest job title on the planet.