Sunday, June 23, 2013

Daily Photo Theme - Sky Sunday

The big sky event for this #SkySunday will be the "SuperMoon", the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon system which will happen this evening.With a chance of thundershowers I'm posting a photo taken in 2011.

Super Moon - March 19, 2011
1/250 Sec f/5.6
The big surprise with photographing the moon is that you need to IGNORE your automatic exposure. The moon is a bright object on a dark field. The auto exposure will blow out the details. Shoot in manual mode. Also use manual focus. I wish more digital lens would have actual infinity markings on them.
The predominant subject for the Sky Sunday photo themes are clouds in their many forms. They are great subjects for photos and a bit challenging. It's difficult to catch the grandeur of a billowing thunderhead in a photo. The actual event can take your breath away.

My daughter was running in the Falmouth Road Race on a nearly cloudless day. This cloud stayed put over the bay.

It's tough to photograph lightning. We don't have large flat areas to observe distant storms. When they appear they are directly overhead, obscuring the cloud shapes. I lucked out in this photo from 2010. The front had gone through and stars can be seen in the same shot.
10 Seconds f/3.2

HDR shot to accent the clouds. Taken in February 2012
Tone mapped with Photomatix
3 exposures 1 stop variation