Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Daily Photo Theme - Orchid Wednesday

One of the daily photo themes on G+ is Orchid Wednesday. One does not usually consider New Hampshire   as a hot spot for Orchids, but the New Hampshire Orchid Society  (NHOS) is the largest orchid society in New England. The NHOS sponsors an annual show and sale in Nashua, NH in mid-February. The date may not be the best for the delicate tropical plants, but is perfect for visitors anxious to forget about winter.

The show is a great way to see a wide variety of this fascinating plant and learn about care from the experts. For photographers it is a treat. The show is opened early exclusively for photographs.

These are a series of photos I took at previous shows. I'm also including some orchid photos taken at the Mason Hollow Nursery greenhouse. The nursery specializes in Hosta varieties, "railway gardening" and native perennials. Owners Chuck and Sue Anderson are members of the NHOS, and participate in the annual show.  

 NHOS 2012 show

Ladyslipper - NHOS show

Dendrobium dickinsonii - Burma Orchid - Chuck Anderson grower

Ladyslipper - Chuck Anderson grower

Not what you expect an orchid to be is it? However all orchids have fused male and female reproductive organs. They are considered to be the most evolved of the plant kingdom. This is another of Chuck's flowers.

Mason Hollow Nursery

2012 Orchid Show

 2012 Orchid Show

2012 Orchid Show

Jai Kelley creates orchids using cornstarch. She demonstrated her art at the 2012 NHOS show