Friday, June 28, 2013

1930s-40s in Color on Flickr

Operating a hand drill at Vultee-Nashville, woman is working on a "Vengeance" dive bomber, Tennessee  (LOC)At the Vermont state fair, Rutland  (LOC)Retiring a locomotive driver wheel in the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railway locomotive shops, Shopton, near Fort Madison, Iowa. The tire is heated by means of gas until it can be slipped over the wheel. Contraction on cooling will hold it firmly in pShepherd with his horse and dog on Gravelly Range, Madison County, Montana  (LOC)Parris Island, S.C., barrage balloon  (LOC)
House, Houston, Texas  (LOC)Woman aircraft worker, Vega Aircraft Corporation, Burbank, Calif. Shown checking electrical assemblies  (LOC)Southeastern Georgia?  (LOC)Typical southeastern Georgia farm with newly harvested field of oats  (LOC)Southern U.S.  (LOC)Typical southeastern Georgia farm with newly harvested field of oats  (LOC)Georgia oat field? Southern U.S.  (LOC)
Harvesting oats, southeastern Georgia?  (LOC)Cabin in southern U.S.  (LOC)Cabin in Southern U.S.  (LOC)Cabin in Southern U.S.  (LOC)House in southern U.S.  (LOC)Spreading fertilizer from 4-mule team wagon, Georgia  (LOC)
Commuters, who have just come off the train, waiting for the bus to go home, Lowell, Mass.  (LOC)Factory buildings in Lowell, Mass.  (LOC)Brockton, Mass., Dec. 1940, second-hand plumbing store  (LOC)Headlines posted in street-corner window of newspaper off[ice] (Brockton Enterprise) ... Brockton, Mass.  (LOC)Children in the tenement district, Brockton, Mass.  (LOC)Detail of industrial building in Massachusetts  (LOC)

 I love vintage photography. Some amazing shots can be found online on the Library of Congress site and commercials sites such as Shorpy and Flickr.

Friday Daily Photo Theme - #InfraredFriday

Piscataquog River, New Boston
1/250 Sec = f/4.0

1/250 Second - f/3.9

New Boston, NH

Converted Olympus E-PL1 with Standard Color IR Filter

(equivalent to Hoya R72 Filter/ Kodak Wratten 89b Filter/ 720nm Filter)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Photo Theme - #StairsThursday

Good morning, another wet day here in New Hampshire. I'm sharing a pair of "stair" pictures for today's photo theme Stairs Thursday.

Looking Up at Nauset Light

Escher type staircase in Port Angeles

An actual Escherian Stairwell at RIT

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Infrared Landscape - Part 1

Track 11 of the Moody Blues classic album is a poem called "The Word"

"This garden universe vibrates complete.
Some we get a sound so sweet.
Vibrations reach on up to become light,
And then thru gamma, out of sight.
Between the eyes and ears there lay,
The sounds of colour and the light of a sigh.
And to hear the sun, what a thing to believe.
But it’s all around if we could but perceive.
To know ultra-violet, infra-red and x-rays,
Beauty to find in so many ways.
Two notes of the chord, that’s our fluoroscope.
But to reach the chord is our lifes hope.
And to name the chord is important to some.
So they give a word, and the word is Om."

I had sent my former camera, an Olympus E-PL1 to Life Pixel, a service that specializes in the conversion of digital cameras for infrared photography. This involves removal of the existing sensor filter that blocks IR light and replacing it with one of several filters that pass IR light of various wavelengths.

The site has extensive documentation about the process and everything about Infrared photography.
I couldn't wait to try out the camera, so I took some shots on my usual morning walk.

Damsite 35 - New Ipswich NH

Smithville Cemetery - Tint changed in Lightroom
Rosa Rugosa
The leaves and flower all appear white. I decided to apply a Pixel Bender filter over the flower just for fun

Trees are great for IR, Smithville Cemetery

Taylor Road, looks like winter without the cold doesn't it?
I go back a bit with infrared photography, A photo of my wife taken with Kodak Aero Film from the 1970s

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daily Photo Theme - Grass Tuesday

Grass Tuesday  (#GrassTuesday) is a popular photo theme. It is curated by Ray Bilcliff. Check out Ray's portfolio at  These are two of the photos that previously posted for the theme.

1/200 Second f/2.8

Rock Harbor, Cape Cod
I used a bleach preset setting in Lightroom to render these colors

1/320 Second f/7.1

Cornfield in Milford, NH

Monday, June 24, 2013

Shooting the Moon

I've been waiting a long time to use that title for a blog posting. Every 14 years we are lucky enough to witness a perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system or in human parlance a Super Moon.

I fitted my Four Thirds Olympus 70-300mm f/4.0-f/5.6 ED lens on a Olympus E-PL5 using a Panasonic adapter. All together it weighs in at a hefty 2 pounds 7 ounces. The lens dwarfs the camera.

I tried a few different exposures and even a few HDR shots which ended up being a waste of effort.

1/15 Second f/5.6
3:50 AM (why am I awake?)

I think this is my favorite shot of the series, it was getting light so the sky had a tinge of blue. I can see some crater ridges. However it also has some artifacts around the left side. Not sure whether that is the lens, sensor or software.

1/250 Second f/5.6
2:53 AM (Yikes)

This is a 3 shot HDR image which I tried as an experiment. It was totally unnecessary since the only thing HDR does is bring out sensor noise (even with an ISO setting of 200). One thing to note is that you do NOT need to take a long exposure. The combination of 1/250 - f/5.6 seemed perfect for capturing details.

1/250 Second - f/5.6
8:58 PM
E-3 Camera
March 19, 2011

I'm including a photo taken during the last Super Moon event since it appears that the moon surface has changed a bit. I was under the impression we always see the same surface. Is there a new crater strike? A question for the experts.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Daily Photo Theme - Sky Sunday

The big sky event for this #SkySunday will be the "SuperMoon", the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon system which will happen this evening.With a chance of thundershowers I'm posting a photo taken in 2011.

Super Moon - March 19, 2011
1/250 Sec f/5.6
The big surprise with photographing the moon is that you need to IGNORE your automatic exposure. The moon is a bright object on a dark field. The auto exposure will blow out the details. Shoot in manual mode. Also use manual focus. I wish more digital lens would have actual infinity markings on them.
The predominant subject for the Sky Sunday photo themes are clouds in their many forms. They are great subjects for photos and a bit challenging. It's difficult to catch the grandeur of a billowing thunderhead in a photo. The actual event can take your breath away.

My daughter was running in the Falmouth Road Race on a nearly cloudless day. This cloud stayed put over the bay.

It's tough to photograph lightning. We don't have large flat areas to observe distant storms. When they appear they are directly overhead, obscuring the cloud shapes. I lucked out in this photo from 2010. The front had gone through and stars can be seen in the same shot.
10 Seconds f/3.2

HDR shot to accent the clouds. Taken in February 2012
Tone mapped with Photomatix
3 exposures 1 stop variation

Sculpture Sunday - Daily Photo Theme

For eight seasons the town of Port Angeles in Washington has sponsored an ever changing art exhibit in the downtown area along the streets and waterfront. In June of 2012 after just missing the noon ferry I had several hours to explore the town and take a few photos. One of Sunday's photo themes is #SculptureSunday and here are some of the works.

Masks - North Olympic Sculptors

Masks - North Olympic Sculptors
Masks - North Olympic Sculptors
Barbara Boerigter, Kathleen Mayer, Gail McLain, Karl Stokee, Gene Davis and Michael Kenney.
Mixed Media on Old Growth Cedar

Octopus (Not credited)

Mother and Child
Bruce Holmes, Enumclaw, WA

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lightroom 5 - Upright Tool

I'm a big fan of Adobe Lightroom, and didn't hesitate to upgrade to version 5 for $79. It runs quicker and has some new features that are really useful.

One killer feature is the upright tool which is useful for adjusting perspective views of buildings and architecture.I decided to give it a try on a photo of a clothing store in Port Angeles, WA. We had missed a ferry ride and were queued up for a several hour wait. When another fellow tried to engage me in a conversation about his golf game, I realized that wandering around the town taking photos would be a good way to spend a few hours.

It was a productive photo-walk. There was a massive logging operation with monster machines, street side art and a style of architecture typical of the Pacific Northwest. One of my shots was a yellow clothing store. 

Lens Correction section in develop mode

Before Correction
After  Upright Auto Correction

There is a great training video available at the Adobe Site that explains all the features and variations for this tool.

The video is narrated by Julianne Kost, the "Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist" of Adobe. That has to be the coolest job title on the planet.